about ocelots

an ocelot is a type of cat that is 40-50 cm at the shouders. and it was first found in 1758 by Carl Linnaeus. It weighs between 7 and 15.5 kg on average.and the size is medium-sized wildcat. ocelot may hurt there owners. ocelots can purr but not roar.a ocelot are carnivores and 18-44 LBs.the scientific name for an ocelot is Felis pardalis.ocelots eat small rodents and snakes birds young deer rabbits fish and peccaries. its about fully grown its as long as three feet no tail and 30 LBs. it eats less than 1 2.2 LBs.

my opinion about ocelots

this is short just listen so up their it says "less than 60 ocelots"and that makes me sad

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ocelots beaver

some-times ocelot are nocturnal sleeping in trees and dense brush at the day time. ocelots can run up to about 38 mph! ocelot live in