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now cats are now one of the most common pets in the world. Cats have wiskers that they use to detect the air around them so they know whats behind you can find 1000s of videos and pictures on the know when cats are licking themselves once you pet them they bite you amd hold you they think you are pretatores.Cats sleep a lot some times they can sleep for 6 hours wow thats a lot!

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how cats are feisty.


Cats are feisty and they knock down stuff bite and scratch you. thats what my sister calls my cat when he feisty. Sometimes kittiys run fast realy fast they soom through your house and knock stuff down.some cats like going outside my cat loves going outside and eatin grass,rolling on the ground,roming the backyard,chasing mice(and rodints).Cats are some times a daredelve having a cat can be (and it will be)a lot of trouble and work amd you have to clean the stuff it breakes and its litter box but if you can work through the pain you have a litte friend.